IndiaLinks takes credit as being one of the first company to implement Virtual Datacenter concept way back in year 1999.

Our Virtual Datacenter infrastructure consists of servers located at various Datacenters at geographically different locations including US (West Coast), US (East Coast), US (Central), UK, Singapore & India. All servers are linked & are managed centrally using HostEx Virtual Datacenter Suit.

Location Options, Faster Access

IndiaLinks's Virtual Data Center offers you flexibility to select server locations. You can now host your customer's websites on servers located closest to target audience providing faster access to visitors/users. If your customer is based in UK, you can host his mail server at UK Data Center. If his target visitors are mainly from US, you can host his web server at one of the US Data Center.

You can also mirror their websites at multiple Data Centers with Load balancing and/or IP Routing service. eg. If your customer's target visitors are from India & UK, you can host mirrored website at India & UK with local routing enabled. Visitors from India will see website from Indian Server where as visitors from UK & rest of the world will see website from UK based Server.

Scalable Architecture

Our Virtual Data Center concept uses Scalable Architecture which can be easily extended to meet your requirements. We can expand our Virtual Data Center by simply adding new servers in existing data centers or add new data center locations as required.

Central Management Architecture

Our Virtual Data Center architecture is designed for Centralized management of various servers located at different locations across the globe with different operating system. You can host your customer's websites at different locations on different platforms ( Linux or Windows) based on their requirement and can manage all of them from a single Web-interface. Weather your customer's website/mail server is hosted in US, UK or any location, on Linux or Windows Platform, you manage all of them from a single web-interface.

Brandable Control panels

Our Virtual Data Center infrastructure offers set of brandable multi-tier Control Panels. You can custom brand control panels with your own domain name, logos, header & footers. Your customers will be able to log-in & manage their accounts only from your branded control panel URL. You can host customer's websites or any other products at any data center location within our Virtual Data Center and offer a centralized management from a single web-interface with your own brand.

Load Balancing & Routing Architecture

Our Virtual Data Center consists of servers located at various Data Centers across the globe. Our Scalable architecture allows us to add more servers & more data center locations as and when required. Our distributed infrastructure & centralized management allows us to offer services like Load balancing & dynamic routing. Websites can be hosted on multiple servers at different locations & based on your target visitors, routing can be set.

Data Center Infrastructure

Without the best network, the best web applications, server infrastructures and operating system environments are crippled. We follow a strict policy in selecting our infrastructure partner to deploy our Virtual Data Center infrastructure. We ensure that every Data Center we use meets our requirements and follow quality standards.


Data Centers are connected to internet with highly redundant network through multiple Gigabit backbones having multiple peering with other networks. Data Center uses BGP4 protocol for dynamic routing & provides 99.9% Money-Back Network Uptime Guarantee.

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Hardware Guarantee

Servers deployed at the Data Center includes hardware replacement guarantee. In case of any hardware failure, the hardware is immediately replaced.

Data Center Security

Data Centers are physically isolated from everyone but level three technicians. Public access is strictly forbidden. Data Centers are equipped & monitored round the clock with closed circuits. Strict access controls are implemented including keycard protocols/biometric scanning protocols and continuous interior and exterior surveillance.


In the unlikely event of a power outage from local power grid, all data centers' power systems are designed to run uninterrupted with all servers being fed conditioned UPS power from auto-switched power generators and centralized UPS systems. Generators are regularly tested & can be used in emergency event of extended utility power outages.

Precision Environment

Data centers' HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are N+1 redundant, ensuring that a duplicate system can immediately come online in the event of an HVAC system failure. With full particle filtering and humidity control, the environment are maintained to ensure a comfortable environment for servers.

Fire Protection System

Data Centers are equipped with advanced fire protection system designed to stop fires from spreading in the unlikely event one should occur.

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