IndiaLinks strives to ensure uninterrupted service and a high level of security. IndiaLinks has developed a comprehensive approach to safeguard all infrastructure & services right from Network level to Application level.

Data Center Security

Data Centers are physically isolated from everyone but level three technicians. Public access is strictly forbidden. Data Centers are equipped & monitored round the clock with closed circuits. Strict access controls are implemented including keycard protocols/biometric scanning protocols and continuous interior and exterior surveillance

Network Security

Data Centers used by our Virtual Data Center infrastructure has fully switched network. Traffic destined for a website hosted on a server is sent only through switching equipment necessary to deliver the information to that server. This minimizes the risk of someone sniffing or capturing traffic being sent across the network.

Operating Systems

All our servers are installed with Enterprise version of Linux or Windows 2003. We do not use operating systems which are known to have security loop holes. All our servers' operating systems are automatically patched at regular interval. This ensures that servers are always protected against all known vulnerabilities with latest security patches.

Server Access

Access to servers is restricted. Console/Shell access to our servers is restricted only from our Hosting Operations Center for management purpose only.

Operating System Hardening

We follow a strict Security Audit Process. All unwanted services on servers are disabled. Operating System applications & commands including compilers (which are used by hackers to compile programs and gain access) are removed.


Our Virtual Data Center Infrastructure is protected by Firewall at various levels. Our Security Audit Team monitors traffic with-in and out-of our network & ensure that necessary security settings are implemented as and when required to safeguard all our services, servers and your data.

Remote Port Monitoring

All our servers are monitored for server ports remotely every alternate minute by Live-Alert, our own proprietary port monitoring system. If system detects any open ports besides the allowed ports, our Security Audit Team is immediately alerted.

In most compromised systems, hackers install and runs backdoor services, backdoor consoles or services like IRC / Chat Servers which opens a port on server. Such attempts are immediately detected.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring Robot checks all running processes along with Load on every servers. If robots detects any unauthorized process or processes eating up resources beyond allowed threshold or are found to malfunction, are immediately terminated. In case of any of such events, email & SMS alerts are sent to Security Team for further investigation. Process monitoring robots are also capable of restarting or terminating any process required for smooth functionality of servers.

Application Security

Most of our server management applications & control panels are in-house developed. Any 3rd party products go through a thorough security & performance testing before they are deployed on servers. Any such third party applications are monitored regularly for their functionality.

Data & Directory Protections

User on the server are restricted only to their designated directories. This ensures that no other user on the same server has access to your files (unless granted with permissions).

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