Email Limitations

Direct SMTP Connections / Relay

We do not allow direct relaying of emails. All outgoing mails must be relayed through the local SMTP Server (MTA).

SMTP Connection limits

We allow maximum of 25 SMTP connections from an IP address per 300 seconds.

Email relay limits

Every hosting account is assigned email relay limits (number of emails which can be sent per hour and per day) based on subscribed hosting plan.

These limits apply to the entire hosting account irrespective of number of mailboxes or source from where emails are being sent (webmail, mail clients, website scripts etc). If users sends emails over the assigned limits, email relay will fail and email may bounce back.

Recipient Limits

No of recipients per email is restricted to 20 including Cc and Bcc.

Attachment Size Limits

We allow maximum attachment size of 25 Mb for emails sent via SMTP servers & 10 Mb for emails sent via Webmail.

Emails via Website

To send emails from your website (using forms or via scripts), you must connect to local SMTP server & use SMTP Authentication. Without SMTP authentication, email relay will fail.

Mailing List

We do not allow sending of emails to mailing lists or use of scripts to send bulk mails. We consider this as Spamming and we have zero tolerance towards spamming.

POP & IMAP limits

Each mailbox user is limited to 20 POP / IMAP checks per hour.

If you attempt over 20 check limit, mailbox will get locked indiciating that login is incorrect. The login error will subside within an hour and mailbox with get automatically unlocked.

For best performance, please ensure that automatic email check time interval is is set to minimum 10 minutes.

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