Locking or Unlocking domain names

Domain locking is a free security enhancement for your domain names to prevent unauthorized modifications, transfers and hijacking. When your domain name is locked, status of domain name at the registry is changed to REGISTRAR-LOCK.

It is always recommended to keep your domain names LOCKED unless you are in process of transferring domain names from one registrar to another.

To lock or unlock your domain names, please follow below steps.

  1. Log-in to MyIndialinks (customer support portal) at
  2. Click on Products >> Domain Names >> List all Domains
  3. On next page, you will see list of your domain names.
  4. Click on Manage Domain link of the desired domain name.
  5. You will be redirected to the domain control panel.
  6. Click on Domain Lock/Unlock
  7. Make required changes and click on Submit
  8. Please ensure that after you make your required changes in domain settings, Lock the domin name.

Please note : If you leave domain unlocked, for security reasons, system will automatically Lock the domain to prevent any unauthorised changes/transfers in 7 days.

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