Backup Policies

IndiaLinks does not offer redundant or mirrored backups.

IndiaLinks may perform backups on Shared & Reseller Hosting servers as a courtesy at it's discretion. These backups are intended for emergency situations and are not guaranteed. Since the backups are scheduled and overwrite previous backups, we can not guarantee the backup will contain the exact desired content for every customer. Upon request we will provide complimentary copies of any backup content, if available.

We encourage our customers to regularly perform offsite backups of their contents. They should not rely on IndiaLinks for backups.

Please note : IndiaLinks assumes no responsibility for unavailability, inaccurate backups, failed backups, lost data or data integrity. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to take regular offsite backups of their data.

IndiaLinks does not perform backups on VPS, Cloud Servers or Dedicated Servers.

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